What to do when I only get “No TV Signal”?

July 31st, 2009
  • First thing to do, is to take a look at output.log to see what are the error messages listed there. It can also be useful to enable Verbose Logging in HDPVRBridge Properties window as it adds more logging information.
  • Check that DvbLink Service is running with Task Manager. If your version is expired, the service will not start. If there is some problems/crashes of Dvblink Service, it wont appear anymore.
  • Next, take a look at the DvbLink Service logs (DVBLinkServer.log) and see if there are any relevant messages.
  • Try, disconnecting the HD PVR USB cable for 30 seconds or so and reconnecting it. It has been seen to solve some issues at installation.
  • If you are using Component video input, make sure you have Component signal present. That is, your set-top-box must be turned on and tuned to a subscribed channel. Also, be aware that set-top-boxes do not enable the Component output if there is an HDMI cable connected. You can confirm you have a signal on the cables by connecting them to a TV or even better by trying Arcsoft TME software provided with the HD PVR.
  • If you are using SPDIF audio input in your DVBLink for HDPVR settings, you absolutely need signal on your SPDIF for the HD PVR to perform acquisition. That is, you need to have a Fiber Optics cable connected in the HD PVR optical input and that FO cable must bring in compatible signal. In any doubts, select “Line In” audio input in your settings and check that you have at least an image displayed.
  • It is often a configuration problem, going through the Configure “DVBLink for HDPVR” installation step and the subsequent steps again can solve the problem.
  • There had been cases reported where the timings for the Channel Changings were incorrectly set to 0. Please restore the default values as described here.
  • If you are experiencing issues with the HDPVR capture, we recommend using Arcsoft TME to diagnose the problem.
    Note: If capture does not work with TME, it will most likely NOT work with DVBLink for HDPVR either.
  • If you went through everything above and could not find anything wrong, please include your Config.xml, output.log and DvbLinkServer.log as attachements to your posts on the forum.

Configure “DVBLink for HDPVR”