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September 9th, 2013

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Configure Windows Media Center’s guide from your desktop

Product Description

Guide Tool is a Windows Media Center guide management application.

Here are the features that Guide Tool provides:

  • Local and remote guide management
  • Lineup customization backup and restore
  • Channel name and number edition
  • Restoration of previously edited channel names and numbers
  • Modification of channels’ visibility
  • Automated subscribing to guide services (manually, by number or by call-sign)
  • Tuner merge (by channel number, by call-sign or by guide service)
  • DVBLink sources synchronization
  • Listing of tuners providing channel’s sources
  • Generation of lean MXF file (mostly for debugging purpose)
  • More fun stuff to do with your channels

This program is for geeks who enjoying moving their channels around and changing their listings. Yes, I do that.

Please take a look at some screenshots and get a better idea about what this tool can really do.

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Supported Environment

  • Windows Vista Media Center with TV Pack (x86 and x64)
  • Windows 7 Media Center (x86 and x64)

How does it work

The Guide Tool program is divided in 2 parts

  • Guide Tool application
  • Media Center background addin

The Media Center background addin provides access to the Media Center database where all the tuner and channel information is stored. The background addin offers an external interface on which the Guide Tool application connects, using the TCP port 5733. Because Guide Tool uses a Media Center background addin, it is mandatory to keep the Windows Media Center window open when editing the guide.

Users can commit live guide modifications using the Guide Tool application. Most of the time, these modifications can be seen by simply reloading the guide page from Windows Media Center.

Guide Tool includes code developed in part by the DVBLogic team.