Media Center Cast

September 1st, 2013

Enjoy the ChromeCast benefits… without changing your TV inputs!

What’s this? (AKA Product description)

Something fresh for Windows Media Center has arrived!

Media Center Cast allows you to watch online content on your HTPC without sacrificing your Windows Media Center experience. When running Media Center Cast, your TV is transformed into a handled-device-controlled-display. As soon as Media Center Cast is launched, you can start “casting” online content from any ChromeCast-enabled app installed on your phone or tablet.

Is it complicated to use? Nope! Run the installer, launch Windows Media Center and select Media Center Cast. When it opens, your phone’s YouTube app will automatically discover your HTPC… it’s then time to start casting! Done with the casting? Use your remote control and press the back button twice to return to your favourite media center interface.

By the way, the YouTube app responds incredibly well to WMC remote controls… a real bless!

Anxious to give it a try? Press the download button, install, run and impress your friends with your new powers!

Do you have more questions? Have a look at the FAQ!

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Your contribution is highly appreciated

The software is only 10$… not much for the comfort and usefulness it brings to your TV!  Please keep in mind that we spent time improving and tuning this product to make it as easy and as accessible as it is now. Your contribution is very important to us. If you decide not to buy a license, send us an email and tell us what you expected and what should be improved.